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A Rustic touch to Tennessee Sunsets

We undertake projects that demand all of our dedication, creativity, and passion. We love A challenge and enjoy accomplishing the unexpected.
A couple of months ago a client came to us with a project, in Tennessee. He owns a hotel located in Roan Mountain, a place with an amazing forest, astounding sunsets, and a tranquil atmosphere. He wanted to provide visitors and guests a space that is private and engulfs them with the magic and mysteries of the forest. We set out for a concept that would match the attributes of the mountain. We designed these tiny homes “cabins” and constructed them completely out of Cumaru wood. They are fully equipped with our best selection of rustic furniture, to give the space warmth and a romantic atmosphere.
In 2022 we started the project that until a couple of months ago was only a design on paper and now is becoming a reality. In our blog, we want to share the process with you, from the very first day we started to the finished project.

Do you want to see the space where we are making the magic happen? Here it is!

Project projections.

We like our customers to see what we can bring to life, make changes and improvements to make it just as they imagined. These were the approved projections for the project.

And that's how it's going! Two weeks of hard work and we are already starting to see incredible results.