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Roofing Systems Guarantee Strength and Durability

Long-term, cost-effective roofing solution that offers water- tight integrity, debris-resistance, and an Energy Star rating

PVC is one of the most durable single-ply membranes in the commercial roofing industry. It is incredibly strong and long-lasting – most PVC roofs will last over 20 years – as well as fire, chemical, and water resistant. What makes it so strong and resistant to moisture is the thickness. The thicker the membrane, the greater the resistance to breakage, tears, water absorption, and weathering. It has fewer seams, which gives it a “seamless” watertight bond that helps withstand ponding and strong winds, and ultimately makes its integrity stronger than its parts. The PVC itself is extremely resistant to grease, oils, and chemicals – they simply won’t stick to the service, which makes this is a great roofing system for restaurants, airports, and chemical factories. It’s also eco-friendly. PVC is solar reflective and retains that reflectivity value over time, which offers continued energy efficiency in cooling the building

It has a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGYSTAR® rating and is fully recyclable.

All of our roofing systems use the highest quality materiels from top roofing manufacturers We are committed to providing outstanding service for all our roofing projects. That’s why, we use only the best commercial roofing products from the top manufacturers. Our standards are high, so you can expect superior results on your roofing project.

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