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Doubles Down on Durability and Reflectivity

Reinforces the single-ply roof membranes like TPO, PVC, and EDPM for added strength and protection

FleeceBack membrane is a cost-effective way to double up on the strength, durability, and overall energy efficiency of your roof’s single-ply system.

What does it mean to be fleece-reinforced and why is it such a great add-on?

Here’s how it works: This super durable fleece material made of polyester gets added to the underside of low slope roof membranes like EPDM, PVC or TPO. It is used to give that material extra strength offering greater wind, solar, and puncture resistance. FleeceBack is heavier, which adds to its toughness and durability. It’s solar reflective and energy-saving benefits boasts excellent long-term heat and UV protection, which helps keep the building cool and reduces energy costs. It’s also ideal for applications over abrasive surfaces like concrete or granule-surfaced membranes (it can easily cover up an existing roof), as no protective sheet is required. It does not need to be heat-welded or sealed with an adhesive tape. The membrane can be mechanically attached or fully adhered with special spray foam (which also adds insulation to the roof and helps seal cracks), giving it added protection and allowing greater flexibility for installation. Installation is virtually odor free with minimal noise, so you won’t be disturbing your building occupant.

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